Other Supplies

Bulk Packaging Supplies
Chopsticks without individual packaging

  • 9 inch Bamboo Chopsticks, Twin styleFull wrapped chopsticks 2000
  • 8 inch Bamboo Chopsticks, Twin style
  • 9.5 inch Bamboo Chopsticks, Tensoge style
  • 8 inch Bamboo Chopsticks, Tensoge style
  • 8 inch Aspen Wooden Chopsticks, Genroku style
  • 9.5 inch Pinewood Chopsticks, Tensoge style
  • 9.5 inch pinewood Chopsticks, Riku style
Skewers and sticks for BBQ and cocktails

  • Chopsticks trainersTeppo flat wide flower knotted tonkin BBQ cocktail all skewers
  • Straight round bamboo skewers
  • Flat wide bamboo skewers
  • Paddle bamboo skewer, Teppo kushi
  • Bamboo Knot pick
  • Fruit Cocktail bamboo Sticks
  • BBQ Corn bamboo sticks


  1. Chopsticks 3000 pairs per carton.
  2. Skewers or sticks 10000 pairs per carton. Normally packed in 100×100 pieces.
  3. Packaging per your request is also accepted with extra cost.

Note: Price quotation for products listed above can be found on Oder-Online catalog, or click here.

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4 thoughts on “Other Supplies

  1. Hello! How much for 1 cartoon of chopsticks 8 inch, 9 inch with logo and without logo? Please send me pricelists of your products (bamboo skewers and all please) Btw do you ship to Norway?

  2. hey. if I just want to buy non-logo paper chopstick covers (bag/packaging). Any paper type is fine, non-logo, size 9″. Do you sell them without chopstick?

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